Turning 50 in Paris!

Obviously this isn’t my birthday, I’m turning 22 this year, but my mum dragged us to Paris to see in her half-century landmark birthday AND IT WAS AMAZING!

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My year abroad is OVER

I officially came home on 13th June and it’s been pretty much non-stop. I haven’t seen any of my friends (loner) apart from the ones at work and family-wise I’ve caught up with my grandma and my dad’s side of the family.

Last few days in Santiago

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Why it’s so important to clean your makeup brushes regularly! — SierraByLondon

Hey guys! Relating back to my Wake up, No Makeup post, my friend over at SierraByLondon just posted this super insightful makeup brush cleaning post which I’m sure you’ll all find useful.

Give it a read using the link below!

This is one topic that I believe is vital and people do not take it seriously! This blog post is about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. It’s amazing the amount of individuals out there that don’t wash their brushes frequently, even longer than a month! Makeup brushes are used on a daily […]

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Anto xx

Wake up, no makeup 💄 

This post is an exploration of what it means to wear make up, particularly for women and girls, and whether or not it matters if you can go outside without it.

No makeup, natural hair done

My mum’s recently noticed my makeup habit and she’s not overly impressed with it. My nail varnish collection left her pretty horrified, whereas I was sure it was a normal amount for someone who’s been painting their nails since they were 8!
Most people don’t even consider nail varnish makeup, though some do.

It got me thinking about makeup in general and the pressure on us as a generation.

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I am totally (not) a website developer ✨

So, ya might have noticed I’ve been a little bit quiet lately, especially after my few week-long streak of publishing posts on Tuesdays.

Well, that’s because I’ve been doing some things for my brother who’s getting into personal training.

I’ve been filming, editing, writing, posting, coding and generally working hard to get it all done.


You can see his work, and mine at www.ypfzone.wordpress.com.

He’s a hardworking, dedicated trainer, so if you’re in the Essex/London area, give him a shout!

You can also follow him on Instagram @ypf_training

I’ll go back to regular posting soon, but this summer has not been as relaxing as I thought it would be!

✨Love and light✨,

Anto xx


Hey guys!

I haven’t been writing here as frequently as before as I’m having a bit of writer’s block on one of my planned posts. 🤦🏾‍♀️

In the meantime, I’ve been writing poetry on the Essex Writers’ Circle. It comes to me a bit more spontaneously so you can check my work out here.

Thanks for reading & see you all soon!

✨🌸Love and light,🌸✨

Anto xx

Wtf is British Politics?!

This post is intented to be commentary, not in-depth analysis.

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